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Sara's Review: The Prophecy (Saga of the Chosen #1) by Petra Landon

APC PUBLISHER: Petra Landon RELEASED: January 27, 2017 GENRE: paranormal, suspense LENGTH: 419 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


A powerful wizard threatens the Chosen from beyond the grave. Can they unravel The Prophecy in time to save their world!Chosen have walked the earth for time immemorial. Tasia is a very special Chosen. Warned to keep her distance from her brethren, she makes a fateful decision one night to assist an injured Shape-shifter. Suddenly, Tasia finds herself in the cross-hairs of Shifter mercenaries encroaching on San Francisco. Forced out of the shadows, Tasia has little choice but to ally herself with the local Shifter Pack led by a formidable and dangerous Alpha Protector. In the cut-throat world of a Shifter Pack, Tasia must fight to protect her secrets while struggling to negotiate with the enigmatic Alpha who holds his violent Pack together with a ruthless hand on its reins.

Grave danger threatens their world as a powerful wizard exploits an old prophecy to divide the Chosen. When the Pack is asked to investigate the twenty-five year old mystery, Tasia is drawn deeper into a past that risks raising the suspicions of the very Chosen she hides from. As danger closes in on her, Tasia must decide who to trust with the deadly secrets she guards. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

I was asked to read and review The Prophecy and give it an honest review. Urban Fantasy is one of my favorite genres, so of course, I grabbed a copy. In The Prophecy, Landon has created a world around wizards, shifters, and vampires that is entirely her own. I love it when authors reinvent their own mythos and legends around known characters of fantasy and make them uniquely new. That is what you get with The Prophecy. Tasia has been hiding her entire life because of her type of powers, but when she helps a shifter in need, she finds herself thrust back into that world. The shifters come to her aid, and she is forced to strike a bargain with the Alpha Protector, Raoul. Raoul is then asked to help solve a mystery for the High Wizard. With Tasia’s brand of magic it soon becomes apparent that Raoul will need her in his quest, yet at the same time protect her from everyone who would try to take advantage of her power. The stakes are high, not only to solve the mystery that they were sent upon, but also to keep Tasia safe. The mystery, action, and suspense of the story kept me reading late into the night. I was only disappointed that the next book wasn’t published yet because I NEED to know what happens next. On a side note be prepared for some interesting grammar. I am lucky I read this on my Kindle because I had never heard such words as; amorphous, moue, spate, bulwark, and vouchsafing, this is just naming a few. I know some would find this difficult to read whereas I enjoy expanding my vocabulary. The Prophecy is an excellent mystery in an Urban Fantasy setting that takes the ready for an extraordinary adventure that you won't be able to put down.

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