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Sara's Review: Queen of the Ravagers (The Ravager Chronicles #4) by Sara Page


PUBLISHER: Dirty Nothings Publishing

RELEASED: January 24, 2017

GENRE: paranormal romance, scifi

LENGTH: 271 pages

FORMAT: ebook, paperback







Blackspire, the home of the Ravagers, is supposed to be a safe place for my family. Cut off from the Other Side, the monsters in the dark cannot reach us here. But something is stirring in the hearts of the unmated. A sickness that makes them aggressive and turns their eyes black. Driven from our only sanctuary in the galaxy, it becomes clear that the only way to save the Ravagers from the darkness is by fulfilling an age old prophecy. A prophecy that demands a sacrifice… Me.


The fourth and final installment in Ameia’s story finds her and her four men on Blackspire where it should be safe. But something isn’t right. The unmated men aren’t acting right. They are aggressive, and their eyes are turning black. She discovers a weird prophecy that it is up to her to snuff out the darkness.

I have struggled with Ameia not having a backbone in these stories and just being the damsel in distress. In the last book, she starts to come into her own, and I finally got to see the woman and queen she will become. Which, is a far cry from the frightened princess she was when we first met her.

I liked how she got to spend time with each of her mates in the story, and I loved how Vis story played out. He is one of my favorites. The issue I had with the story is the ending was just anticlimactic. All this buildup and that was all she did, left me disappointed. It made sense in a way, but I would have still liked to see a battle, something. But I was happy Ameia grew some lady balls, finally.

I am giving Queen of the Ravager (The Ravagers Chronicles #4) 4 Boundless Stars, a very fitting end to this series. However, I would read more in this world if the author chose to expand the universe.

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