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Lissa's Review: Kindred (The Watcher Chronicles #2) by S.J. West

AUDIBLE ROMANCE PACKAGE PUBLISHER: Audible Studios RELEASED: November 1, 2016 GENRE: paranormal romance, fantasy LENGTH: 7 hours and 43 minutes FORMAT: ebook, paperback, audible


In the second book of The Watcher Chronicles series, Jess finally learns where her father has been since the Tear first opened. While Mason tries to keep his distance from her, Jess continues to search for the other vessels with Chandler by her side. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

Kindred starts off exactly where Broken ends. This series is anything but boring. I’ve grown to love all the characters. Jessica has a ton of revelations of who she is, which is quite shocking. I loved all the twists in this story, you never really knew what was going to happen next. You have that feeling though that something bad is going to happen. Because there is no guarantee in this world. Jessica and Mason’s connection begins to deepen. But you’re left waiting for them to commit on a deeper level. Which is fine, but I’m hoping that we get what we want in the end. I loved the whole good vs. evil. Hoping beyond hope that Lucifer doesn’t realize whats going on. I loved how strong Jessica is and how she was made. Even though she has no memory of how that happened. I’ll be jumping into the next one in this series.

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