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Stormi's Review: A Devilish Saint (Paranormal Historical #4) by Patricia Catacalos

APC PUBLISHER: Patricia Catacalos RELEASED: March 5, 2013 GENRE: historical, romance LENGTH: 299 pages FORMAT: ebook


England 1862 – Isabella St. Martin’s grandfather has painted the St. Lawrence family as scoundrels. So when she meets a devilishly handsome and charming man she is shocked to learn that he is Dylan St. Lawrence, Viscount Waverly, and not the ogre she expected him to be. Dylan is captivated by Isabella and is determined to court her. But firstly, he must discover why her grandfather hates his family. But while Dylan is haunted by Isabella’s beauty, her grandfather is haunted by an impish Spirit who heartily wishes to see Dylan and Isabella together.


When Dylan St. Lawrence meets lady Isabella, he is struck by a crazy need to know her, but once she learns who he is, she runs from him in fear. The great mystery as to why slowly reveals itself as he searched for the truth. Along the way these two, slowly, but inevitably find a love like no other. They fight past battles that face their families and their future together. I have loved each of the books in this series. This one was no exception. It was a great story from start to finish. Isabella is such a self-conscience person that it makes you connect with her. She has suffered .ugh pain in her life, but with Dylan, she finds a love that she never expected to find. The romance in this story was so sweet and sincere. This story was written well. It had romance, family feuds, passion, mystery, and bits of the paranormal. I honestly found this to be my favorite of this series. I loved everything about it.

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