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Sara's Review: Won by an Alien (Stolen by an Alien #3) by Amanda Milo

REVIEWER PURCHASE PUBLISHER: Amanda Milo RELEASED: November 5, 2017 GENRE: Scifi, aliens LENGTH: 390 pages FORMAT: ebook


I was abducted by aliens. The aliens that I've been auctioned to don’t speak my language, and I definitely can’t speak theirs. I didn’t expect to get married by accident to the sweet one. I didn’t expect to have a grumpy alien bond to me, and go a little crazy if other males get near me, or if I try to leave. It doesn’t matter if they’ve won my heart. I can’t stay. Somehow, I have to explain that I NEED to go home. Because the bad aliens that abducted me? They took me from my babies. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

The third installment in the Stolen by an Alien series is Tara’s story which we met briefly in the other books. She is the abductee so frantic to get back to earth because she left behind two young daughters. Like all the other women she finds herself stranded with aliens who don’t understand her and no way to communicate what she needs. Like the other books, she is mistaken for a princess. This story was so funny, I found myself laughing out loud many times. Tac is endearing, and Brax was so broody. Together they were perfect. Tara struggled and struggled to relay what she needed to her two aliens, and they kept misunderstanding her. It got her married and bonded. It was hilarious. The witty dialog is exceedingly well done in book 3, and I can’t wait to continue with this world. I love these aliens. I am giving Won By an Alien (Stolen by an Alien #3) 5 Boundless Stars; I can’t wait for more.

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