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Stormi's Review: The Marker by Diana Savastano

APC PUBLISHER: Diana Savastano RELEASED: September 14, 2017 GENRE: historical, ghosts LENGTH: 239 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


In the spring of 1867, at a makeshift graveyard in Mississippi, a work crew begins the somber task of unearthing the remains of Civil War soldiers. Found in the skeletal hand of one unidentified soldier is a US belt buckle. Believed to be a Union soldier, he is laid to rest in a Federal cemetery and honored with a Memorial Star Marker mounted on a pole at his gravesite.

THE MARKER disappears from the cemetery in 1952 and remains hidden for over 64 years. When found, it becomes a conduit between its current owner and the ghost of the Unknown Soldier, who pleads that his story be told. The result of this supernatural encounter reveals a history of envy, hate, and murder. These revelations bring everyone connected to THE MARKER into great peril. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

Jennifer comes into possession of a civil war grave marker while on an assignment in Florida. Soon after, she begins seeing and hearing things. Soon finds herself in the story of a lifetime. She knows she was meant to find this marker and who it belonged too. Now she is on the road to unraveling the mystery that has been hiding for many years. I'm the type of reviewer that has to be grabbed early in a book. If it doesn't grab me, I will stop reading. This book had a great prologue that caught me, but I was a bit disappointed in the first few chapters following it. I found them to be a bit slow. I almost stopped reading, but because of the prologue and my great love of history, I continued and am SO glad I did. Despite this minor setback, I enjoyed this story. The characters were excellent, and the story was a great mystery. Jennifer was a great character because she was so down to earth and a bit funny, so much so that I couldn't help but love her and her role in this story. This story was a web of history and secrets that I couldn't wait to untangle. I love history, and this book gave me that and more. I can say this for a certainty, History, and Mystery are a great combination. The great mysteries of this book come out slowly and in a way that will make you hate ever putting this book down. I will be recommending it to all of my history loving friends.

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