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Beth's Review: Always Gray in Winter by Mark J. Engels

APC PUBLISHER: Thurston Howl Publications RELEASED: October 1, 2017 GENRE: SCIFI, DYSTOPIAN LENGTH: 219 pages FORMAT: EBOOK


A distant daughter. A peculiar device. A family lineage full of secrets. When werecat Pawlina Katczynski finally resurfaces, her location previously unknown to anyone close to her, the reunion is short of welcomed. Instead, she finds herself thrust tooth and nail—tooth and claw—into a feud between opposing werecat clans as her family and their enemies reignite a battle that has raged for years. Always Gray in Winter invites the reader to join the feud and see if blood is truly thicker than water... THREE BOUNDLESS STARS I Love anything paranormal, and sci-fi so I had to read this book. I loved the main character; I am all about bad ass females. I liked the story, once I figured out what was going on, it just took me a while to get there. I usually really love this type of book and I honestly thought I would love this one as much. I did like the story; I just didn’t care for the long journey to find it.

The flashbacks kept losing me and I had to go back and re-read parts in hopes to learn why the writer brought me back. There were too many characters thrown in without introduction or a reason why they were a part of the story. I felt that several of the characters weren’t needed in the overall story, which means they were just there to confuse the reader. This book was OK, but I would have preferred to read it several different books introducing the characters and their connections to Pawly and Tommy. This was just ok as a book, but I feel an awesome series was lost in the one book.

Overall, I give Always Gray in Winter 3 Boundless Stars. It was good, but it had potential to be great! In this case, I believe the “less is more” tactic would have been a benefit.

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