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Sara's Review: Fire (Underground Encounters #2) by Lisa Carlisle

APC PUBLISHER: Lisa Carlisle RELEASED: September 14, 2017 GENRE: Paranormal Romance LENGTH: 234 pages FORMAT: ebook



Maya Winters, a firefighter, heads out on Halloween to dance at her favorite club. A man with haunting eyes watches her from the back of the club. He’s just her type—a dark, brooding bad boy. She feels their connection, but thinks it’s merely physical attraction.

Despite being the new owner, Tristan Stone avoids people in the underground goth club due to his curse. But when he spots a woman dancing alone surrounded by an unusual glow, he must discover who she is and what gives her the radiating power. While they work together to understand their connection, passion ignites, leading to danger. And the heat could send their world up in flames.

Fire is the next installment in the Underground Encounters series, set in a club that attracts supernatural creatures. Step into Vamps, a thrilling new world of steamy paranormal romance featuring sexy shifters, thirsty vampires, wicked witches, and gorgeous gargoyles.


I really liked the start of this story with Maya meeting Tristan and them having immediate chemistry. They had an instant attraction, that combusted the moment their eyes locked. I also like that their paranormal powers don’t have any conventional label, that I have ever read before. It was refreshing and unique. What I didn’t like was the “danger” portion of the story. It felt very forced and out of character for Maya to find herself in that position. Especially after Tristan getting so upset with her for what she is now contemplation doing. It felt forced and didn’t mix well with the characters or the rest of the story. I would have enjoyed Fire more if this entire portion was omitted. With that, it was still an entertaining, quick, fun read with unique characters. I am giving it 3 Boundless Stars.

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