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Sara's Review: Free World Apocalypse - Fugitive by T.K. Malone

APC PUBLISHER: T.K. Malone RELEASED: October 1, 2017 GENRE: post-apocalyptic, dystopian LENGTH: 322 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


Teah is a Black City cop who spends her days busting smugglers, and she’s always busy. The trouble is, there’s plenty to be made by getting banned goods onto The Grid and to its 9 million eager inhabitants.

There’s no doubt about is, she’s the best at what she does. Some folk say uncannily good. So when a raid goes wrong and she gets captured by a highly organized gang of criminals, questions need to be asked. But they aren’t, and it becomes apparent she’s been left to fend for herself.

One question haunts her. Has she uncovered a conspiracy so horrific that the Apocalypse might become a reality? Or is she, in fact, the conspiracy itself?

Escape is her only option. THREE BOUNDLESS STARS

This book was a bit difficult for me. I would be into it for a while then I would lose interest. I think it’s because it was written in a way that the characters are speaking about past events and I had known idea what happened and I felt like I was missing huge pieces. There is a prequel but I don’t feel like that will reveal much. I think that is Malone’s intent with the series to delve out bits and pieces as part of the mystery. But instead of a mystery, it was more frustrating to me because I am not a fan of this style. The world building is interesting; it almost seems like a rebuilt apocalyptic world yet it isn’t. But much wasn’t explained to my full satisfaction. I like to know the ins and outs and this story feels like it’s going in reverse, which is Malone’s plan. The three main characters are well developed and intriguing, I liked Teah and feel she has a lot of room to grow. I am not sure about Connor; he seems weak. But Zac is a mystery worth reading more about. One thing I will point out is there are some editing issues, normally I don’t mind this, but these are simple misplaced words or wrong verb tense. It seems like this went through an editing program and wasn’t proofread after. Free World Apocalypse has intrigued me enough that I want to read the next story and see how this world and these characters’ progress. I am giving it 3 Boundless Stars.

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