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Stormi's Review: Staging Love (Paranormal Series #3) by Patricia Catacalos

REVIEWER PURCHASE PUBLISHER: Patricia Catacalos RELEASED: March 2, 2013 GENRE: historical romance LENGTH: 354 pages FORMAT: ebook


England 1862 – When Gabriel St. Lawrence met Lady Serena Lloyd, she treated him with disdain and the usually charming Gabriel responded in kind with hurtful insults. And then, the Lady disappeared. Now three years later, he has purchased a theatre purported to be haunted. But the ‘haunting spirit’ is a very real woman searching for a murderer...Serena. But is she the only spirit afoot? FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

Serena is left alone after her father kills himself. Her guardian is a bad man and to get away from him she runs away and hides in plain sight as an actress. Her new name and identity put her in danger and someone tries to kill her in a fire, which forces her into hiding again. She hides within the walls of the theater that was supposed to be her place of death. Gabriel is buying this theater house that is in much need of repair. While there he finds the resident "ghost", Serena, in hiding. He and Serena and their friend Tucker search for the killer of Serena's friend and Serena herself. Along the way, an undeniable attraction between them, that has been present from their first meeting years earlier, keeps them from playing the roles they are dealt.

This book was awesome. I have really come to love Patricia's writing. Each book is captivating and full of mystery and romance. I loved this story. From the very beginning, it had me hooked. I loved the story line, the history, the mystery, and of course the romance between Gabriel and Serena. She pushes and he pulls. Together they are a great couple, it just takes a bit of time before they realize it. Honestly, everything about this book was great. It was written well, was full of lovable characters, and was captivating.

I can't wait to read more from such a great author. She has certainly become a favorite of mine.

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