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Sara's Review: Smolder (Underground Encounters #1) by Lisa Carlisle

kindle unlimited PUBLISHER: Lisa Carlisle RELEASED: September 5, 2017 GENRE: paranormal, romance LENGTH: 139 pages FORMAT: ebook



I never thought a gym crush could be deadly...

We all lead double lives in a way. Only the most trusted are allowed into our private space. Yet, when my reality and fantasy worlds collide one night, I end up in danger.

All I wanted was an escape from reality. Being a firefighter can be stressful and I unwind at an underground goth club. I can forget about being on call for danger, and just be Nike, a woman who likes to lose herself in music and dance. But when I spot the guy I fantasized about at the rock climbing gym, he discovers my secret.

Smolder is a novella that starts the Underground Encounters series, set in a club that attracts supernatural creatures. Step into Vamps and discover a thrilling new world of steamy paranormal romance featuring sexy shifters, thirsty vampires, wicked witches, and gorgeous gargoyles. THREE BOUNDLESS STARS

This is the first book by Carlisle I have read and I wasn’t sure what to expect since normally another reviewer from my blog reads her work. Yet the premise behind this story grabbed me and I wanted to give it a shot. I liked the idea of a female firefighter who gets sucked into a world of the paranormal. However, my expectations weren’t met and the story fell a bit flat. The story is entertaining but Nike and Michel aren’t very memorable and their story was just OK. The revenge aspect played out weird. It takes a lot for me to really enjoy a vampires story and I tend to shut down immediately if it doesn't grab me from the start. I am looking forward to the next book in the series Fire and I have already grabbed a copy. Smolder is a quick entertaining read that is fast paced with action and few steamy scenes. I am giving it 3 Boundless stars.

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