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Sara's Review: Possess Me Under The Mistletoe (Hell Unleashed) by T.F. Walsh

APC PUBLISHER: T.F. Walsh RELEASED: November 28, 2017 GENRE: fantasy, romance, holiday LENGTH: 203 pages FORMAT: ebook


She's innocent, wicked with magic, and off limits...

Just his type.It's Christmas Eve and Cyra Mane's landed her first solo mission to cleanse a haunted house. Easy. After all, she's keen to make a good impression with the demon hunting company that hired her. But when Gunn, a seasoned hunter she's desired for months, shows up, the seemingly simple cleansing task turns dangerous. Why's he there when he's ignored her for months?

Gunn's kept his distance for a dark reason that's followed him for years. And he sure as hell doesn't intend to drag sweet Cyra into his mess, even if he can't stop fantasizing about her. Besides, he's there as a favor to her brother.

But when Cyra's spell goes horribly wrong, not only are they imprisoned in the house, but they've discovered a portal to Hell. And that's the least of their problems when they uncover the house's secret. Can Cyra keep her mind off the brooding hunter and on protecting the elderly home owners before the demon hunting them turns them into Christmas dinner? THREE BOUNDLESS STARS

Possess Me Under The Mistletoe is a standalone novel in the Hell Unleashed series that I voluntarily received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I was expecting this to be a Christmas novel but other than the time of year I didn’t feel that it was. Mistletoe is used around the holidays, but it grows freely where I live year round. It is also a parasitic plant that kills trees. So to me, Mistletoe isn’t a holiday thing, it more of a climb your butt up to the tree and cut the mistletoe out. Cyra and Gunn have been dancing around a mutual attraction for a while, and when Cyra is sent on her first solo mission, Gunn just happens to show up to help out. It’s a good thing since the house she is there to cleanse isn’t your average haunted house. Cyra, Gunn and the two elderly owners find themselves trapped and in a dangerous situation that could get them all killed. The story has a lot of action and romance and enough backstory on both Gunn and Cyra to make them solid characters. For some reason, I didn’t connect with either. I just had a tough time getting into this story. I just wasn’t feeling it. During the Holiday’s I want to watch holiday movies and read fluffy holiday stories. I just wasn’t in the mood for this genre. Walsh introduced a slew of new Hunters in this novel, and I hope we get stories for them. The world is intense, and the characters are well developed. It will be interesting to see where she goes from here.

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