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Stormi's Review: Marrying the Single Dad (Harmony Valley #8) by Melinda Curtis

APC PUBLISHER: Harlequin Heartwarming RELEASED: November 1, 2016 GENRE: clean romance LENGTH: 384 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


Sometimes what you find when you come back home isn’t always what you remember. Harmony Valley’s bad boy Joe Messina is back, returning to his hometown with his daughter in tow and trying desperately to straighten his image and life out.

Between trying to resurrect his grandfather’s defunct garage and be a responsible single father to Sam, he really doesn’t have a lot of patience for the feisty artist Brittany Lambridge.

Brittany gets into his hair. Literally. Joe thinks her upcycling art is blasphemous, refusing to let her get the auto parts that she wants. When the stubborn pair begins to realize they have more in common than they thought it’s more than the just sparks in the garage that begin flying. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

Joe is back home in Harmony Valley with his young daughter after is his uncle is imprisoned, leaving him near broke. He hasn't been home in a long time and has plans to outlive the Messina family name and reputation of being from the rough side. He hopes to do this by reopening the family garage. When he first encounters Brittany, he has an immediate dislike for her, but things keep happening that draw these two together. Will they build a friendship and relationship or will they continue to clash? I'll be honest and say at first I didn't like this book much, but the further I got into it I grew to enjoy it. The characters seem very real and down to earth. The relationship between Brit and Joe is one that was fun to watch develop. It always is when the two people seem to dislike each other at first. I loved Sam. She was a spunky young girl that I couldn't help but love. This book was mixed with romance and drama. The story was written well and overall it was a pretty good read.

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