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Stormi's Review: Holly Freakin' Hughes by Kelsey Kingsley

KINDLE UNLIMITED PUBLISHER: Kelsey Kingsley RELEASED: August 1, 2017 GENRE: romance comedy LENGTH: 339 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


Meet Holly Hughes, a moderately successful teen advice columnist living in a studio apartment on the Upper East Side with her boyfriend Stephen. She has it all, but at the ripe age of thirty-one, she wants more. She wants to be married, she wants a family, and she's going to have it all with Stephen.

At least, that's what she thought, until Stephen announces he's gay, and the domino effect of unfortunate events begins. She soon finds herself unemployed, single, and living in her sister's house on Long Island, working as her niece's babysitter for less than minimum wage. She's pretty certain she's destined to live in the Land of Mediocrity forever.

And then, her niece runs face-first into a tall, handsome man at the bookstore. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

Holly is out a boyfriend when hers decided to drop the bomb that he is gay. If that's not bad enough, she loses her job. Now she is living with her sister and working as her nieces 31. While out with her niece she meets Brandon. They become fast friends with a growing attraction. He has just got over a bad relationship himself. He's also a rich and famous author. Little does Holly know, but her life is about to change. I love this book. Holly has such horrible luck. First the boyfriend, then the job. Now she's a babysitter with no love life. She was a great character. I loved her. She was real, down to earth, and funny. As for Brandon, I just fell in love with him from the start. He was kind, and funny, and seems to be just right for Holly. I am a mom and oh my this book was like a look into my life when it comes to Holly's niece. It was hilarious and fun. This book was written very well and kept me hooked from the start. I loved the story, the characters, honestly, I loved everything. It was filled with romance, humor, and drama. It was a great book all around.

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