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New Release & Review: Constant (The Confidence Game #1) by Rachel Higginson

APC PUBLISHER: Reckless Siren Publishing RELEASED: November 16, 2017 GENRE: romance, suspense LENGTH: 266 pages FORMAT: ebook


Fifteen years ago I met Sayer Wesley. I fell in love with him. I promised I would never leave him. I swore nothing could break us apart.

Five years ago I broke my promise. I ran away. I took the one secret that could destroy us both and disappeared.

Five days ago I thought I saw him.

I knew it was impossible. Sayer was locked away, serving a deserved sentence in federal prison. He couldn’t find me. He wouldn’t find me. I was too good at hiding. Too good at surviving.

Because if Sayer ever found me, there would be hell to pay for a plethora of sins. The worst of which, he didn’t even know about. Five hours ago,

I told myself I was crazy.

Five minutes ago, I saw him again.

Five seconds ago, I was too late.


I voluntarily received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This is a romantic suspense set around the mafia and its brilliant. Caro was introduced to a life of crime by her father at the ripe old age of 10. Yep, you read that right 10. She knew it was wrong but she was forced to con because she was a convincing liar. It was during a job that she meets a then 13-year-old Sayer and saved and damned his life all at the same time. The story smoothly transitions from Caro’s present in her late 20s to her earlier life. The flashback are seamless and the story flows effortlessly. This is a defining example of flashbacks done correctly. The story of Caro and Sayer is pretty epic and one that just begs them to work it out. Higginson keeps the plot fresh and the story constantly moving. The ending does stop but it's left as a cliffhanger, Which just left me yelling noooo! But also I can’t wait to read book two Consequences. I am giving Constant (The Confidence game #1) 5 Boundless stars, I loved it and I want more.

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