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Stormi's Review: Nightmare of Nannies (Zach and Zora Comic Mystery, #3) by Stuart R. West

APC PUBLISHER: BWL Publishing Inc. RELEASED: October 1, 2017 GENRE: mystery & Suspense LENGTH: 259 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


Juggling four kids while working as a detective is tough enough. Zora LeFevre sure didn’t need her nanny dying first day on the job. Especially when it looks like murder and something’s fishy about her nanny supplier.

Meanwhile, a serial killer van’s chasing her dimwit stripper brother, Zach, and his tear-away pants have been stolen. A mariachi band is his only hope for survival. Worse, Zach’s head-over-heels, willing to learn country line-dancing, in love.

Nannies are dangerous, no one is as they seem, bullets are flying, and it’s another uproariously bad day for Zach and Zora. THREE BOUNDLESS STARS

Zora comes home to find her children alone while their nanny "takes a nap". Upon further investigation, she finds the nanny in her bed, Dead. With The help of her brother Zach, the search is on to find out what happened to the nanny. This book is quite funny. It was full of action and comedy, added in with mystery and drama. I love the characters and the kids are just funny to me. Having two kids myself, I guess I can relate to the mom side of Zora. The crazy day to day that they face is very relatable. This story was written well, with fun characters, and the ending was one that I didn't see coming. Overall, this was a good fast paced book.

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