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Book Spotlight: The Red Fang (Before The Sun Rises #1) by Nicola C. Matthews


RELEASED: July 8, 2007

GENRE: paranormal, urban fantasy

LENGTH: 186 pages


Hopeless, pointless. Those were the words on the lips of everyone still left standing in our small, supernatural community.

The vampire Stealth had barely escaped with his immortal life after the SHiELD of Humanity attacked his home, a home which now lay in ruins on the outskirts of Shadow Cove.

The lycan clans were being picked off one by one, the few remaining remnants scattered to the winds. Entire species and families were being eradicated—a full blown extermination, for no reason other than we were different, feared by the humans. Our lives were being cut short, but we would not stand idly by and watch as our families were destroyed.

We would unite, fight to the bitter end, all declaring as one: We are no different than the humans, and we have the right to exist—to live. Battle lines have been drawn, but the war has just begun.

If you love paranormal fantasy packed with action and romance, then Nicola C. Matthews’ The Red Fang – Book One in the Before the Sun Rises Series – is for you.




Nicola Matthews was born in Biloxi, MS in 1975. Raised in southern Mississippi, she still resides in her small hometown with her husband of twenty years, their three children, and their pet Yorkie, Lily-Claire. She loves music and her favourite thing to do to de-stress is crank up the tunes and hit the treadmill. Nicola enjoys reading as well as watching movies, shopping, and meeting new people. Her favourite genres include mystery thrillers and supernatural/fantasy movies and books.

Nicola’s love affair with reading and books first began at the age of seven, when she immolated her favourite author at the time, Dr. Seuss. As the years passed, her passion for writing and reading turned into a way to escape a broken and oftentimes violent home life. She funnelled her love for all things creative into her writing, penning her first novel at the age of thirteen. By her graduating year in high school, she had racked up over one thousand rejection letters. Undaunted, she opened her own publishing house in 2005 and began publishing her own works. Today, she works for a multi-million dollar technology reseller by day and continues to write, publish, and do graphic artwork and book formatting during her free time.






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