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Lissa's Review: Heaven in Hell: Episode Four (Heaven and Hell #4) by Dia Cole

KINDLE UNLIMITED PUBLISHER: Black Diamond Press LLC RELEASED: June 24, 2017 GENRE: paranormal romance, dystopian LENGTH: 115 pages FORMAT: ebook


With a violent gang and an unstoppable super zombie stalking their every move, Dominic and Lee have never been in more danger. Just when she needs him the most, Dominic is mortally wounded. Unsure of who or what she is becoming, Lee struggles to hold on to her humanity long enough to defeat their enemies and save the man she loves. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

I loved Episode 4! I loved this whole thing. There was a twist in this I really didn’t expect to happen. But it worked with the story. Lee and Dominic are awesome. This was a thrilling, nail-biting (probably don’t have any nails left), and intense. It had really everything I love in a story. I felt the connection of these characters. There’s the steaminess between this two, that is off the charts. I think it really says a lot about a writer, when they're able to have a reader so into the story, that they're not really thinking of anything else. From what I understand there is an episode 5 coming out soonish. So it will be interesting to see where else this series goes. Overall, Five Boundless Stars.

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