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Lissa's Review: Heaven in Hell: Episode Three (Heaven and Hell #3) by Dia Cole

KINDLE UNLIMITED PUBLISHER: Black Diamond Press LLC RELEASED: June 3, 2017 GENRE: paranormal romance, dystopian LENGTH: 93 pages FORMAT: ebook


Survival has a price that’s paid in blood…

Running out of options and time, Lee joins Dominic on his dangerous mission. Little does he know she’s on a mission of her own—to seduce the cure from him at all costs. Hunted by both the living and the dead, they will face the ultimate choice between love and survival. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

Episode 3, went by as quickly as the last two. But I can’t help reading so fast! it’s that good. Lee and Dominic find themselves in a pickle, which isn’t hard in a Zombie Apocalypse. Lee is on a personal mission and Dominic has no idea. While on the real mission. is that confusing? You’ll understand once you read the first two. I’m really loving this, usually, people aren’t fond of serials. But this one is awesome. It’s just what I needed. It honestly has the best mix of Zombies, Romance, and a lot of hotness. Overall, Five Boundless Stars.

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