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Author Spotlight: Jason Pellegrini

PUBLISHER: Jason Pellegrini

RELEASED: November 22, 2016


LENGTH: 398 pages

Booth: At dawn, on the day of his execution, Joseph Bateman finds himself reflecting on his life, one filled with poor decisions and evil people. Even his lifelong best friend played a pivotal role in earning Joseph his seat on death row. A phenomenon occurs as the electricity meant to kill Joseph is sent through him, and his essence is ripped from the body he has known his entire life and thrown into a new one. Only the body he now inhabits isn’t new at all; it is the body of a person who lived over a hundred years before Joseph’s birth. Now living in an unfamiliar era of history and trapped inside a foreign body, Joseph learns he has been sent back for a reason: to earn redemption for his damned soul and to find a sense of peace he has never known. All he needs to do to get there is to prevent one of history’s most infamous murders. NOTES: Booth recently won a 2017 Summer Indie Book Award in the genre of Time Travel.




PUBLISHER: Jason Pellegrini

RELEASED: September 22, 2017


LENGTH: 119 pages

The Cool Kids:

Growing up, Kevin Ford was never considered one of the cool kids. He was the unathletic son of a father who had been the star of his college football team and the scrawny younger sibling of two brothers who loved to torment him. To his peers, he was far from being considered popular.

Kevin had two best friends, though. One afternoon in the summer of 1994, they showed up unannounced at his front door with a secret mission. What Kevin figured was going to be an average summer day with his friends turned into an adventure like no other. The three of them entered the woods and sought out a forgotten ancient myth.

Now, nearly a quarter century later, Kevin finds himself reminiscing about that August day. As he’s about to enter a new stage of his life, he looks to his past to help give him the strength to face what lies ahead.


NOTE: The Cool Kids is available exclusively at

**Signed copies of all my novels can be found and purchased at



How would you describe your novels to someone who has never heard of Jason Pellegrini?

JP: My novels are all very different from each other. So there's no one way to describe them all. They are each unique in their own way. I try to stay versatile in my writing to stay fresh. It also presents me with a challenge of reinventing myself and not having to rely on the same story or formula time and time again. It also introduces my readers to different genres of fiction. I don't want to be the author who is predictable. If I write a gruesome and gory mystery, like my debut novel, The Replacement, I want the reader to be shocked when they open the next book they read by me and find that it's a moving coming of age tale, like my latest release, The Cool Kids.

Your second novel, Booth, recently won a Summer Indie Book Award. How did it feel when you found out you had won?

JP: It felt amazing. It says a lot about what you're doing when people take the time and go out of their way to vote for you. Granted, it wasn't a difficult process. But anyone of those who voted could've easily ignored my Facebook posts or tweets about the poll and moved onto the next thing on their social media account. They didn't, though. They took the time to vote, and a lot of people even went as far to vote over the course of multiple days to try to make sure Booth got the amount of recognition they felt it deserved. It truly means a lot, and I do not for a second hesitate to acknowledge the fact that it's because of the people who voted that Booth won by such an incredible margin. So the credit goes to them. Thank you all so much!

Is there anything that your currently working on that you would like to share?

JP: I am currently working on my next full novel. It, unfortunately, is too early in the writing process to start sharing the details of the plot. Sometimes you think you have a grasp on the story, then suddenly it takes a turn you did not expect. So if I did say anything, there's a chance it might change in a week, a month, even a year, when I am working through a second or third draft.

I will say this, though. It's looking like it is going to be a long one. I'm just shy of 200 pages written, and I'd say I'm less than twenty percent into the story. A rough estimation, of course, but this one is going to be an epic tale. So hold tight!

What is a book that you absolutely love, that you believe everyone should jump into?

JP: There are just so many. It's like asking me what my favorite song is. Just can't narrow it down. I will give you a few, though, that have sucked me in over the years. First one that comes to mind is The Martian by Andy Weir. That had me on the edge of my seat, turning the page and forgetting about all my life's responsibilities. I'm a huge Stephen King fan, so there are obviously a bunch by him that I have loved. Salem's Lot, Pet Sematary and The Green Mile all come to mind. King's son, Joe Hill, wrote some good ones, too. I highly recommend NOS4A2.

What is something that you love doing in your spare time?

JP: I'm a pretty low key guy, for the most part. I enjoy a good book to keep me occupied, or, on occasion, a tv series. I also play some guitar.

Halloween is coming up quickly, Do you have a favorite scary movie?

JP: I'm not a huge scary movie guy, but there are a few I enjoy. The Stranger scared the heck out of me when I first saw it. Scream was obviously a huge one when I was growing up and hit that age where I was allowed to start watching scary movies. Maybe I was a little older, but it's definitely the first one I remember that sticks out.



Jason Pellegrini is an award winning author from Levittown, New York. His works include Booth, The Cool Kids and The Replacement.



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