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Book Spotlight: Seas of Gold (Custodian of the Golden Assembly #2) by V. L. Cooke

PUBLISHER: Surfer Gnome Press

RELEASED: September 1, 2017


LENGTH: 316 pages


The last year has been a little rough on Siobhan. Her marriage ended, she moved across the country, she discovered that supernatural creatures live alongside human society, and started a new career as a Custodian. A job where she provides assistance to those who seek it from her employer the Golden Assembly. After the incidents with the Savior, Siobhan tries to maintain a low profile and allow those she loves to recuperate. That was until someone begins to organize the disenfranchised. Those who believe humans need to know the truth. Who no longer wish to remain hidden. Now someone, or something, has convinced supernatural beings to act out, a violation of the laws of the Golden Assembly. Not only do they risk exposing the supernatural world to humans, but they are risking the lives of each being who is caught acting out. When a close friend of Siobhan is injured during one of her missions, Siobhan becomes desperate to find a cure to save them. Her search will reveal the existence of a shadow organization bent on destroying the Golden Assembly, Siobhan, and everything she cares about. As if all of that isn’t stressful enough, Siobhan finds herself the guardian of two cougar shifters and sharing her bedroom with a dragon. There is not enough chocolate in the world to help her cope with these new changes.





V. L. Cooke is an author by day and a cape-wearing crime fighter by night. She currently lives in South Carolina where she spends her time rescuing cats that are stuck in trees wearing spandex (cats do love their spandex). A full-time student working on her Master's degree in creative writing, V. L. loves to cook food destined to clog the arteries of her neighbors, and fighting with her beloved, but aggressive blanket-stealing, fur baby (translation: dog). A Pacific Northwestern girl from birth, V. L. loves what most people hate about it … the rain.

Just like Siobhan Flannery, she is addicted to watching Supernatural and blames the show for invading her brain to the point that she had to put it in her book. Currently, she is working on books 3, 4, and 5 of the series and a paranormal romance set in the same world. Which means more Supernatural marathons for her as ... er ... research.

V. L. would love to hear from her fans so please feel free to contact her and tell her about what form of torture you would like to see for her favorite dragon and gnome at She promises to do her best to respond to everyone.



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