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5 Questions with: Karen Lynch

Q. I really loved listening to the Relentless Series, I found that Caitlin was the perfect match for your books. How did you find her?

A. I listened to a ton of audio books samples, mostly YA, before I found Caitlin. She narrated Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and I loved her voice. I knew right away she’d be perfect for Sara.

Q. Who is your favorite character from the Series?

A. Sara is my favorite of the main characters. I loved creating her backstory and growing her character over the trilogy. Of the secondary characters, I’d have to say Jordan. She’s tough and witty and she was a blast to write.

Q. What is a book, that has really stuck with you through the years? That you believe everyone should read?

A. My favorite book from childhood was To Nowhere and Back by Margaret J Anderson. It’s a wonderful story and it inspired me to start writing when I was very young.

Q. What truly inspires you every day?

A. Good writing always inspires me. Not mine, but other authors. When I read a scene or a character that really speaks to me, it makes me want to write better.

Q. Halloween is fast approaching, What is your favorite scary movie?

A. Aliens




Karen Lynch is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She grew up in Newfoundland, Canada - a place rich in colorful people and folklore to which she attributes her love of the supernatural and her vivid imagination. She moved to Charlotte, North Carolina years ago and was immediately charmed by the southern people but she says she will always be a newfie. Though she loves supernatural fiction, she has a soft spot for Charlotte Brontë and Jane Austin. She is a fan of classic rock, country and classical music but her favorite music is the sound of a good thunderstorm or a howling blizzard. Two of her favorite past times are baking artisan breads for her friends and spending quality time with her two German Shepherds.



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