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Sneak Peek: Full Bleed: Vampire Wars by Robert Nix

A man with dark past he cannot remember must find a way to survive two warring factions who have come to kill or save his life. Along the way, he will find out his true origins, along with it, his destiny.

Full Bleed: The Vampires Wars.

This story is about a prophecy the concerns the first vampire, Cain. 4000 years ago, in an ancient battle between the forces of light and darkness, Cain, the first murderer and leader of the armies of shadow made war with his own father, Adam, the first man. In an epic battle, in the now emptied Garden of Eden, before the rotted Tree of Knowledge, Cain slew Adam. Before Adam died he cursed Cain, that he would be judged by blood of his own and that blood would be the damnation of all the creatures of the night, they would be damned or freed by this blood. Upon Adams last breath, the light of heaven burned down from the sun searing Cain’s flesh and cursing all like him to eternal darkness. Cain became the living darkness and gave up his father’s name for him and took his own, Darius, translated means “Black King”. Always in the Black Kings mind though, was the curse of Adam…” Blood of your own!” Darius would father many children but only one does he fear, the one who was hidden by his own trusted general Dracula, the one that started the war, the one he must kill.

ABOUT Robert Nix

Robert Nix was born in Toledo, Ohio. He has always been a fan of horror and science fiction. I went to college at the University of Toledo for my B.A. in computer arts and later went to the Academy Art College in San Francisco for my M.F.A in animation and visual effects. Robert grew up in the inner city and spent most of his time creating fantastic stories with incredible characters with his ability to draw. Full Bleed The Vampire Wars is a Graphic Novel and his first attempt in the literary world.




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