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Stormi's Review: Hypnotic Love (Paranormal Historical #2) by Patricia Catacalos

APC PUBLISHER: Patricia Catacalos RELEASED: January 9, 2014 GENRE: historical romance LENGTH: 345 pages FORMAT: Ebook


England 1861 – The rakishly charming Charles Phillips, Viscount Chesterholt, is repeatedly surprised by a female nightly visitor who roams his country estate seemingly in search of something. She appears entranced. Is she real or ethereal? What is she seeking? In searching for answers, Charles enters a realm of mystery, deceit, and murder to discover who this woman is and why she ‘haunts’ him. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

In the first book in this series, An Appealing Apparition, we meet Charles, the cousin to Portia and best friend of Nate. In this story, Charles is visited at night by a young woman that he soon finds to be a young woman by the name of Elyse. Elyse seems to be in a hypnotic trance on these nightly visits as she appears to search for something, but what? Soon these two begin working together to solve the mystery of who is hypnotizing her and also the mystery surrounding the death of her mother years earlier. Elyse is very spiritual while Charles is not. So these two falling for each other during the investigation seems unlikely, but undeniable attraction may make this harder than it may seem. When I first looked into books by Patrica this was the first one I came across and am so pleased to be able to review these books. This book was a great addition to this series and I love how it builds onto and joins with the first. Some series don't do this. This story was very pleasing to read. It was full of mystery and romance and was enthralling from the very first page. It had action and intrigue. It was written very well and was full of lovely characters. Elyse is a great beauty and I love her realism and attitude. Charles was a favorite of mine in the first book and this story just helped me like him even more. I have come to love this series and this book was just as great if not better than the first. I hope to be able to read more from an amazing author. She is certainly becoming a favorite of mine.

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