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Blog Tour: Superhero Syndrome (Solstice Survivors #1) by Caryn Larrinaga

Today we have the blog tour for Superhero Syndrome by Caryn Larrinaga! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Superhero Syndrome

Author: Caryn Larrinaga

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Superhero Syndrome Synopsis:

Tess McBray was dying. The Solstice Syndrome had no cure, and she resigned herself to an early grave. But just when she gave up on survival, all her symptoms mysteriously disappeared.

All but one symptom, anyway. Something is wrong with Tess’s hands. They absorb any material they touch, and her skin turns to wood, or steel, or concrete. It doesn’t take this comic-book obsessed 21-year-old long to figure out what’s going on: somehow, she’s developed super powers. And she’s not the only one; across the country, people are coming forward and sharing their gifts with the world. In her own city, where the police are battling a human trafficking operation, a masked vigilante called The Fox is saving lives and stopping criminals.

Tess doesn’t know where she fits into this new, super-powered world. But when people around her start disappearing, she can’t just sit on the sidelines. Teaming up with The Fox might be the only way to rid her city of evil and save the people she loves most.

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“Hey, you on a call?” I asked.

She didn’t turn around to face me. “You have to see this.”

Pulling on my coat, I walked up behind her and peered at her computer monitor. She’d been reading the news, and her screen displayed a headline I never thought I’d see outside of a comic book.

Masked Vigilante Cleans up Weyland South Side.

“No way,” I breathed.

“Cool, huh? Wait’ll you see him.”

Angie clicked a link, bringing up a security camera video. There was no sound, and the footage was choppy—a series of still images set a second or so apart—so the result was like a flipbook with most of the pages torn out or poorly done stop-motion photography. A stooped old woman wearing a heavy coat walked into the frame. A moment later, a skinny kid ran up to her and grabbed for her purse. The two of them wrestled with it for a few seconds.

“Here he comes,” said Angie.

From the top of the camera’s field of vision, a third figure appeared. He was clad head to foot in black and was wearing a fox mask with long, pointed ears. He raised a leg, and in the next frame, the mugger was lying in a heap and the old woman’s purse was airborne. Within two more frames, the masked man had secured the mugger to a barred window and returned the bag to its owner.

Even with the choppy video footage, the masked man seemed incredibly fast. It was possible to track the movements of the mugger and his victim from frame to frame, but the guy in the costume seemed to flit from place to place, disappearing from one side of the video and reappearing on the other in an impossibly short amount of time.

It took me a moment before I could produce actual words. “What in the literal hell?”

“It’s crazy, right? They’re calling him The Fox. The article says he cleared out a brothel last week. When the cops went in to check it out, they found the guys who were running the place all zip-tied the same way as that mugger. And get this—there was a fox face spray painted on the wall.”

I gripped the back of Angie’s chair. “He’s a vigilante?”

“Yup. And I’ll tell you something else—I don’t think he’s human. Did you see how fast he moved? That’s not right, man.” She clicked the button to replay the video, and the footage started over. “I think he might be an alien or something.”

About the Author:

Caryn Larrinaga is a Basque-American mystery, horror, and urban fantasy writer living in Utah with her husband and cats. Her debut novel Donn’s Hill (March 2017, Immortal Works Press) garnered rave reviews from fans of the cozy mystery and paranormal genres, and her new urban fantasy Superhero Syndrome (September 2017, Twisted Tree Press) will be out this fall. Watching scary movies through split fingers terrified Caryn as a child, and those nightmares inspire her to write now. She lives in a 90-year-old house with a colorful history, and the creaking walls and narrow hallways send her running (never walking) up the stairs from her basement. Exploring her fears through writing makes Caryn feel a little less foolish for wanting a buddy to accompany her into the tool shed.

When her fingers aren't glued to her laptop keyboard, Caryn also enjoys binge-watching Netflix with her husband, reading, playing video games, and filling up her phone's flash memory with pictures of her cats. She loves music and plays the bass guitar. Caryn is an active member of the League of Utah Writers and the Utah Chapter of the Horror Writers Association.


Twisted Tree Press | Website | Email | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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