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Stormi's Review: Juniper Limits (The Juniper Series #2) by Lora Richardson

Kindle Unlimited PUBLISHER: Lora Richardson RELEASED: July 10, 2017 GENRE: ya, coming of age, romance LENGTH: 253 pages FORMAT: ebook


Celia has spent her life waiting for the next crisis. When the tension at home begins to ease, she wonders if she’ll finally be able to relax. Her father has stopped drinking, her cousin Fay has moved back to Juniper, and it seems like Paul might really care about her. But trust is an uphill battle for Celia, fighting against doubt the whole way.

Paul has been drawn to Celia for as long as he can remember, and she is finally giving him a chance to show her how he feels. But when Celia can’t stop worrying everything will fall apart, and when things in Paul’s own life take a turn for the worse, can they learn to rely on each other? FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

This book was centered around Celia and Paul...Celia has always worried about screwing up and everything around her falling apart. Her home life is rough as she tries to save her and her brother from an alcoholic father. Paul is infatuated with her, and now Celia is giving him a bit of a chance. Now, these two must learn how to move forward together and fight the battles that weigh them down. I really liked this book. Both Celia and Paul are troubled and have troubling home lives and together they work to move forward, leaning on each other along the way. This is the second Juniper book I have read and they each are deep and full of pain and triumph. They are full of characters that pull at your heart and are relatable. The writing is good and the story is easy to love. This book was a great story of love, pain, fear, and hope for a better future. Definitely a great book.

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