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Lissa's Review: Protecting Earth (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) by Magan Vernon

ARC PUBLISHER: Kindle worlds RELEASED: August 29th 2017 GENRE: scifi, romance, aliens, Novella LENGTH: 140 pages FORMAT: ebook


I never believed in life among the stars…then a man from space saved me.My reality was worse than my nightmares before Monte showed up.

Now I’m helping my savior bring down my captors—the monsters who intended to sell me.The bond I have with Monte grows stronger every day. But the closer I get to my alien, the more dangerous our situation becomes—for both of us.Protecting earth is our primary goal. But will the elite Navy SEALS and a group of rogue aliens be enough?

***This is a Defy The Stars series/ Susan Stoker SEAL of Protection crossover. This is more NA than the rest of the books in the Defy The Stars series, but not as *bow chicka ow ow*** FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

Protecting Earth is really this sweet, genuine alien novella. I’ve read one of the Alien books. But not all. Never fear though, you don’t really have to. Run and Monte are so cute together. I really believed their connection and that’s important in any story that I read. For being a Novella, Magan really made you connect with these characters. It was lighthearted but also serious when it needed to be. Sometimes an instant-love type get together. Can be just unbelievable but I really did believe it. Monte saw something in Ryn and didn’t want to let her go. There is also plenty of action in this and the feeling of nervousness because you really don’t know what’s going to happen. Overall, I give this Five Boundless Stars.

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