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Sara's Review: Stolen by an Alien (Stolen by an Alien #1) by Amanda Milo

KINDLE UNLIMITED PUBLISHER: amanda milo RELEASED: April 24, 2017 GENRE: scifi, aliens, fantasy LENGTH: 406 pages FORMAT: ebook



broke the rules and stole an auction item from her buyers.Because somehow, they’d managed to abduct a Gryfala princess.Though… she doesn’t look, or act, or sound quite like I thought one of her kind would.But I’m merely a Rakhii gladiator; this is the closest I’ve actually ever been to a princess.

I’d be considered lucky indeed if she chose me to guard her.Instead, I want more.I need her to claim me.Because she doesn’t know it, but now I can’t let her go.


Woke up in a freaking auction pen.With no coffee. But there were aliens. And they didn’t bid on me out of the goodness of their hearts.FML.

Then this nice alien showed up in the nick of time, but he keeps referring to me as “Princess” and I’m starting to worry what he’ll do when he finds out that there’s been a little case of mistaken identity, that I’m not royalty - see, I’m not even whatever alien he mistook me for…I’m just a human. 4.5 (FIVE) BOUNDLESS STARS

Don’t judge a book by its cover is definitely the name of the game when it comes to this one. I don’t think I would have even read it had the cover for book two not peeked my interest so much. And the OCD in me just won’t allow me to read books out of order. This isn’t your typical alien abduction book because for once the alien IS AN ALIEN. Complete with scales, horns, and fire breathing. I never did quite get a clear picture if his face was human-ish, however, since Angie was attracted to him I am assuming there was something. The picture on the second book Rescued by An Alien gives a better idea what Arokh looks like. I would have like to see his face. My imagination just doesn’t stretch sometimes and I need some help with good cover art. But if you take the picture from book one and book two, you get a scary….Who? You know from Whoville? Anyways, the story was pretty freaking awesome and I loved the relationship between Arokh and Angie. Then there is this magnificent world that Milo has created. So vivid and fully realized. It is amazing and this is her debut novel! I can’t wait to read the next one! As it stands I am going to rate Abducted, Auctioned, & Stolen by an Alien 4.5 Boundless stars. It would have received a 5 however it got a little jumbled towards the end and I found myself re-reading pages to fully understand. Milo changed the cover, which I LOVE. But I am going to keep the review the same. You can see the orgianl cover on Goodreads or my blog, then my review will make sense.

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