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Blog Tour & Review: More Than a Risk (More Than a Threat #2) by Kennedy L. Mitchell


Is a life worth living if you don’t risk it all for the one you love?

Shot and left for dead, Dr. Kate Wheeler doesn’t know what to expect when she wakes in a hospital room, especially she sees him. It would take a lot to win her back after abandoning her when she needed him most, which he is prepared to do, but Kate has never been one to give in easily. A surprise visit from a friend pulls Kate into a deadly game of cat and mouse with a local business man, full of dark secrets.

It’s up to Kate to bring this man down knowing her father, the Dallas DA, won’t prosecute without evidence; evidence she is willing to do anything to get. With the love of her life shadowing her every move, will Kate risk losing him to save the lives of others?

When Kate’s charade takes a dangerous turn will Weston be enough to bring her back from the edge, or is it too late for it to matter? Hearts and lives are at risk and Kate and Weston’s fiery relationship returns in this second book of the More Than a Threat series.


More than a Risk (#2)


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More than a Threat (#1)

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I made the mistake of signing up for this book. Not realizing that it’s part of a series. So I was basically thrown into the aftermath of book #1. Normally, I’ll go read the first one before jumping in. But due to time, I didn’t have enough. So I have to rate this as the overall story from where I started. There’s a tragic event that takes place and Kate is in the hospital. She’s very emotional and has a lot of hatred towards a few people. One of those including Weston, who is her bodyguard but at one point they had a relationship. Even though I was thrown into this story in the middle. I found myself really engrossed into this story. There’s danger, There are secrets. That make you feel a bit nervous. Cause you’re wondering why the heck is Kate so damn stubborn lol. Kennedy really is a talented writer. Even not being able to read the first, I still had to know what was going to happen with these characters. Overall, I give this 3.5 (Four) Boundless Stars.

About the Author

I live in Dallas but I am not a Texan by birth, I am a transplant from Tennessee and married a true Texan so I had to stay. We live in a older home in Dallas proper with our son and goldendoodle (who is roughly the size of a pony). Writing isn’t my day job, however it is my joy and favorite hobby. I enjoy sending my friends new chapters nightly and hearing their reactions the next day. That is why I write, being published is just a bonus really. My real job is the same every day, but at night I get to be someone else and write about all these fun adventures and sexcapades:) When I’m writing you can find me on the couch, earbuds in and a full glass of wine beside me. Music inspires my stores, at the end of each book I list the playlist that helped me through writing the novel. When I am not working or writing, I am reading. I go through about 3 books a week and I am 100% sure that I’m that annoying person at book-club that gets on to people when they are not keeping up with the monthly readings or suggest the movie is as good as a book (Sometimes I wish I could vote those people out of book-club like they do on Survivor. “The tribe has spoken”). My favorite authors that inspire my writing are: Colleen Hoover, Sarah J. Maas, Sandra Brown, and Rainbow Rowell.








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