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Sara's Review: Torch: A Second Chance Romance by Roxie Noir

KINDLE UNLIMITED PUBLISHER: Roxie Noir RELEASED: October 4, 2016 GENRE: contemporary romance LENGTH: 352 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback, audible


Fighting wildfires is dangerous as hell. If I f*ck it up I get a hundred-foot wall of flame coming at me with nowhere to run, no escape, and no rescue - but it’s still the best damn job in the world. And women? They practically line up to slide down my pole. I never did like repeating myself. Not since she broke my heart into a thousand pieces, anyway. Clementine’s that ex. The one I haven’t seen in eight years. The one I thought I was going to marry until she dumped my ass while I was on active duty in Afghanistan. The one who’s suddenly next door when my crew has a few days off in her tiny town, and who’s impossible to ignore. She’s still hotter than any fire I’ve ever fought, still the same feisty, whip-smart, headstrong girl I fell for all those years ago. We already went down in flames once, but I’ve never wanted anyone like I want Clementine. Not even close. F*ck it. I need to have her again, even if it’s just one more time, and to hell with the consequences. I’ve already gotten burned once. Hunter and I were over a long, long time ago, and there was a good reason why. Actually, there were a hundred good reasons, and I remember them all. Until he shows up in my town, eight years older and ten times hotter. He’s left the Marines to become a wildlands firefighter. He’s rugged, hardened, dangerous, and... …he looks at me just like he used to. He makes me laugh just like he used to, like the last eight years may as well have been eight minutes. And when he gets close, I can’t help but think of everything else we used to do - the sweaty, naked, toe-curling things. The way he could take me from laughing to moaning in half a second. But I know better than to think that people like Hunter change. I don’t care how wild this attraction is or how badly I want him, I’m not going down that road again. Playing with this kind of fire may get me hot — my God does it get me hot — but it also gets me burned, and once was enough. ...or was it?


Who hasn’t be struck by the what if’s in life? In Torch, it is a big what if, what if you have a second chance at your first true love? Would you take it? Would all those things that broke you up in the first place stop the relationship from happening now that you are both older? What if? Clementine and Hunter have exactly that opportunity, they are both a little older and wiser yet, they almost let the same past mistakes get in the way. Top it all off, it is set during a raging forest fire that was off the charts exciting. Torch brought all those what ifs to mind, and lets the reader live vicariously in a safe fantasy world of reliving their first love again. It was erotic as hell and I loved every minute. I am of course giving it 5 Boundless Stars.

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