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Sara's Review: Deadly Obsession by J. Lea

KINDLE UNLIMITED PUBLISHER: J. Lea RELEASED: January 13, 2017 GENRE: New Adult, Contemporary romance LENGTH: 270 pages FORMAT: ebook


A woman with a bright future.A man, infatuated by her beauty, determined to get her - at any cost.And a detective, willing to risk his own life to save hers.Sometimes, when you least expect it, fate makes an unexpected turn. But not for the better.April Brookes finds herself in mortal danger, when a stalker enters her life. He watches her every step and makes her life a living hell.Detective O`Rilley will do everything in his powers to find an obsessed stalker, whose sole purpose is to get April.Will O`Rilley succeed, or will the stalker's obsession become deadly?Maybe sometimes, everything simply isn`t enough... three BOUNDLESS STARS

The concept behind Deadly Obsession is solid and I really enjoyed aspects of the story. There is a solid mystery going on with who is stalking April, and the chemistry and banter between her and Jude keep the plot moving. I had some issues with believability with Jude being hired to protect April, and as much access as the police gave him. But I must remind myself it's fiction. I really enjoyed how I had absolutely no idea who the stalker was until Lea revealed him. Not even a guess. This made for a great mystery. The issues I had, was the story fell a little flat for me and never got to the level of excitement I would have liked. It never reached its true potentional. Also, as much chemistry as Judy and April had on the pages fell flat during the love scenes. I honestly wish it would have been a fade to black. Which is unheard of for me. I am giving Deadly Obsession 3 Boundless Stars, it was good and was a solid romantic suspense with a bad guy you will never guess.

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