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Sara's Review: My Dirty Vacation (Dirty Detour #2) by Grace Risata


PUBLISHER: Grace Risata

RELEASED: May 6, 2017

GENRE: contemporary, romance comedy

LENGTH: 457 pages

FORMAT: ebook







Come along for the ride with ex-mafia enforcer Rocky, his germaphobe girlfriend Violet, and a few of their friends as they take a little excursion to fabulous Las Vegas. Emotions run high, loyalties are tested, and danger lurks around every corner. With new villains emerging and game changing opportunities presented, their vacation is anything but relaxing. Please note: This story contains a zombie survival paintball course, popcorn eating fish, several curse words (the heroine has a fondness for swearing), and a few descriptive bedroom scenes. Vegas has a tendency to bring out the wild side in some of us…and things that happen in Sin City can get pretty exciting. This 96,500 word full length novel is the second book in the Dirty Detour series, but can be read and understood as a stand-alone story. Each and every one of my books has a Happily Ever After, no cheating, no cliff hangers, and a butt load of humor. Sit back, strap in, and enjoy the journey!


The first book in this series I thought Violet reminded me of my BFF; this time around she is a mix of both my BFF and I. I am still not sure if that would be super awesome or totally frightening in real life. For our spouses probably frightening.

The one problem I continue to have with Risata work is during the love scenes. I have said they tend to get a little crude. Maybe that isn’t the correct term. Juvenile? I just feel that the scenes should be sensual and romantic. The humor is ruining the scenes for me. The times Risata leaves the humor out they are great, as soon as she adds it, I feel like I am reading high school students making lame jokes during sex.

The rest of the book is great, I laughed and I really got into the story, it is witty with a great story line that moves quickly. I absolutely loved how we were given a refresher on who was who and what was what. It was just perfect. Rocky and Violet are a couple that I am hoping to see glimpses of well into the future in other characters books. I wouldn’t mind even reading more adventures with them.

My Dirty Vacation, is a fun read that will make you laugh out loud and keep you entertained from beginning to end. I am giving it 4.5 Boundless Stars.

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