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Sara's Review: Dark Planet Falling (Dark Planet Warriors #2) by Anna Carven


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PUBLISHER: anna carven

RELEASED: April 15, 2016

GENRE: scifi, paranormal romance

LENGTH: 254 pages

FORMAT: ebook





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The Prince

Prince Xalikian Kazharan has a dilemma on his hands. Now that the Kordolians have landed on Earth, he somehow has to convince an entire planet of Humans that his people mean them no harm. It's easier said than done, especially when one's race has a reputation for brutally conquering the Nine Galaxies. Perhaps this stubborn female journalist called Sera Aquinas, who thinks she can just walk up to his front door and ask for an interview, might be able to help him. But first, he has to gain her trust, and that's not so easy when her presence drives him to distraction. The Journalist

Sera Aquinas doesn't trust the charming amber-eyed Prince when he says he doesn't want to take over her planet. As a hardened journalist, she's seen her share of duplicity and corruption. So when Xal tells her the Kordolians are looking for Human females, she thinks he's messing with her. Seriously? Who would believe that lame excuse? She has to admit however, that Xal is one fine looking alien, and a part of her is curious. It's absolutely far fetched, but what if he's telling the truth? What if Humans and Kordolians are compatible? And when it comes to Xal, why does her body keep betraying her when her head is telling her to get the hell out of there?


I really enjoyed this story. The chemistry between Xal and Sera was off the charts, and well Sera sound like Sara, at least to me, maybe that the narcissist in me but I loved that. I love it when I stumble upon a great alien series that can keep me entertained and coming back for more. So for Dark Planet Warriors is doing that. I am looking forward to reading the entire series.

One of the lines I LOVED “Feminism is dead because gender equality is alive and well” I try to imagine the world like that, I honestly can’t. I have no concept of what Earth would be like if men and women were treated as equals. But it is a nice dream and something I hope to see in my lifetime. Hell, pay equality would be nice.

Dark Planet Falling is getting Four Boundless Stars from me I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read more.

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