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Sara's Review: The Breeder Slave by P. L. Parker


PUBLISHER: New Concepts Publishing

RELEASED: February 1, 2017

GENRE: scifi, romance

LENGTH: 288 pages

FORMAT: ebook







He was her salvation…or her destruction. The galactic war between the Chiagan-Se and the treacherous Deg’Nara wages on. The human females Leah and the Irish lass Moira are captured and then abandoned, forced to fend for themselves on a barren planet light years from all they know. Their only hope is Sulas, a fugitive breeder slave, who wants nothing to do with them. Survival is chancy at best, but together, the three embark on a perilous journey to rejoin the Chiagan-Se rebels. But can they survive?


I voluntarily received a copy of The Breeder Slave in exchange for an honest review. Breeder Slave takes place an indeterminate amount of time after The Chalice, however, all the players are still there and I get the impression it is between 3-5 years later. The war is still raging and the Home base that the Chiagan-Se thought they would be safe was just raided and turned to dust. In that raid Leah and Moira were taken captive, then dumped on an inhospitable planet to be used as target practice by the evil Deg’Nara.

Sulas, a Breeder Slave, discovers Leah and Moira cowering behind some boulders getting ready to be obliterated by the Deg’Nara. His initial reaction is to leave them and help himself, but is conscience doesn’t let him and he ultimately rescues both, much to his chagrin. They ladies have no means to survive the barren desert they find themselves, and Sulas now has two more mouths to feed, just what he wanted. The three find themselves on a perilous journey, to find the rest of the Chiagan-Se.

The Breeder Slave is a fast-paced science fiction romance, that keeps you reading late into the night. The action and space battle scenes are so vivid it’s like watching a movie. I was transported to another time and place. I really loved every minute of the story and look forward to more from Parker.

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