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Cover Reveal: Fighting Weight by Gillian Jones

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Cover Design by: Ashbee Designs ☟

We all have that voice inside our heads.

One that talks to us incessantly. A voice we trust to make the right decisions, to keep us on a positive path even when others try to bring us down.

But what happens when that voice changes?

When it’s no longer a voice of reason, a voice of comfort giving us pep talks when we need them?

What happens when that inner voice turns into a bully?

You’re fat.

Don’t you dare eat that.

You’ll never be as pretty as her.

You’ll never be as good as them.

You’re lazy, you’re stupid, you are disgusting.

You. Are. Nothing.

What happens when that inner voice makes your body take its side?





What happens when the bully starts to win?

If your name is Alina Cassidy, then you fight like hell to save yourself.

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Wife, mother, proud Canadian. Shoe addict, red wine connoisseur, lover of laughter and the friendships that cause it. I'm a sucker for those epic romances that steal my breath and leave me always wanting more.

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