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Stormi's Review: Revived by Ernesto Pavan


PUBLISHER: ernesto pavan

RELEASED: February 23, 2017

GENRE: horror, dark humor

LENGTH: 207 pages

FORMAT: ebook







For deadpan snark queen Violet Sharpe, death is not the end. If you think life sucks, wait until after you're dead. After finding out she's contracted porthmeos, a nasty parasite, Violet is faced with a choice: either meet her end before her thirtieth birthday, or become one of the Revived, which is the politically correct word for... well, a zombie. But the challenges of her new un-life are way worse than she thought. As part of a new minority, she faces discrimination and hatred, not to mention a laundry list of physical limitations and the looming ghost of depression. Can she meet these challenges with her usual strength and dark humor? Or is being Revived a fate worse than death?


When you're given the choice to die or become a zombie, which do you choose? Well in this book you see what this choice can bring you. Violet Sharpe gets sick with the "zombie virus" and is given the choice to die forever or to become the living dead, or a zombie. She chooses the later and is faced with a whole new world. She faces many trials and is learning to "live" again.

When I first started this book I didn't know if I was going to like it, but it really grabbed me. You see shows and movies all the time about zombies, but you never see their point of view. This book gives them a story of their own and it makes for a very good and interesting read. I loved the characters. While they have this fictional virus, since it is a fictional book, the characters are all very real. They have feelings and are faced with an impossible future. Also Violet was very funny at times in a weird sarcastic way and I loved her. The only strange thing about this book was that the formatting was different. The different sections are not in chapters, but each part is just sectioned by a space. At first, it bothered me, but over time it grew on me. It actually works with this book.

Overall, this book is written well and told a very interesting story. It definitely was a new viewpoint on the zombie life. This is definitely a book I will be telling my zombie loving friends about.

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