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Lissa's Review: Now You Own A Ferrari..Let's Date! (Billionaire Romance) by Rocket Benz


PUBLISHER: self-published

RELEASED: February 9, 2017

GENRE: romance, comedy

LENGTH: 73 pages

FORMAT: ebook







Jordan knew what she wanted out of life. A beautiful home. A luxurious car and a very wealthy husband. Very wealthy. She was a woman who knew what she wanted and was prepared to find the man who could give it all to her. So when she meets Matt, the manager of the restaurant she’s working in, she has no problem dismissing him as a lowly hourly worker. The two form a quirky friendship and Jordan explains her very simple plan for how to land a rich man. The only problem? She’s set her sites on one of Hollywood’s wealthiest producers- and his hot Red Ferrari. The scheming begins and Jordan sets herself up for a series of hoops that she jumps through to try and catch this hot bachelor. What she doesn’t know is that Matt is secretly the restaurant owner and billionaire of one of the largest companies in the world. He’s working in his restaurant in an attempt to find out what happens on the ground level of his own company. Jordan’s schemes are legendary, but what will she do when she realizes her heart has a plan of its own and it isn’t accepting silver or gold? A hilariously funny and heart-warming story certain to leave you laughing and cheering.


This is listed as a Romantic Humor but I didn’t think it was really that humorous.

We have Jordan, whose only goal in life is to marry a rich man. For financial security. I get that she was raised to think that way because of her mother. But I mean really? I didn’t connect with Jordan on any type of emotional level. She was also very immature.

The writing was OK. I think there is potential to improve. But this novella really didn’t tug at me.

Overall, I have to give this Two Boundless Stars. It was ok but could have been better.

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