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Cover Reveal: Blonde and Fabulous (Barb Jackson Mysteries Book #3) by Anna Snow

Title: Blonde and Fabulous

Author: Anna Snow

Genre: Mystery

Release Date: January 2018

About Blonde and Fabulous:

Feather boas, strippers, and murder? Oh, my!

After a busy few months, Private Investigator Barb Jackson is dreaming of a few days off with her hot man at her side... but her dream of a blissful vacation is abruptly put on hold when her good friend Cindy comes to her in desperate need of help. Cindy is a dancer at the Double Down Club, a somewhat upscale gentlemen’s club that often caters to somewhat less-than- law-abiding men, where two dancers have been murdered. The police don’t have a clue who pulled the trigger or why, and Cindy is afraid she might be next. Between rowdy club patrons, a bouncer with a past, and enough catty dancers to fill a scantily-clad lineup, Barb has suspects galore. But which one pulled the trigger...and just may do so again!

Platform heels, cocktails, and body glitter abound when Barb takes on the craziest case of her career.

Exclusive Excerpt

“The human body was not meant to be twisted into this position,” I complained to the yoga mat beneath me because from my position, I couldn’t look directly at Mona or Mandy and if I tried there was no doubt that I’d fall flat on rump.

I was fairly certain that at that very moment, if a pretzel could speak it would ask me how I got twisted into the particular position I currently found myself in. I still couldn’t believe that I’d let the girls talk me into taking a yoga class. Me. Cake-lovin’, wine-in-my-yoga-pants-on-the-sofa, pizza adoring, Chinese food gobbling, Barb Jackson.

I shook my head mentally. Who was I becoming? Yoga? Ugh…

“Oh, stop complaining,” Mona said with way too much cheer for someone currently twisted up so perfectly and with such ease a slinky would be jealous. “Just think about how good you’re going to look in that pink bikini Kelly helped you pick out, and how much Tyler is going to love you in it.”

I pictured my dear old aunt Mona waggling here eyebrows the way she always did when she was talking about what she called, the naughty business, even if what she was talking about at the time wasn’t really that naughty at all, and smiled to myself.

After my mom and her sister, my aunt Hannah, were killed in a car accident when I was seventeen leaving me with not even one living relative, their best friend Mona stepped up to the plate and took me in. Since then, I was as protective of Aunt Mona as she was of me.

“Tyler likes how I look right now,” I argued and moved into another twisted beyond belief position, something the yogi called Birds of Paradise. I struggled to suppress the urge to tell him where he could shove his calm breathing and his bird positions. I was currently in anything but paradise. My legs burned.

“True, but you were just saying how you wanted to lose about five pounds before your cruise,” my friend and co-worker Mandy decided to chime in from her mat on the other side of Mona. “I’ve found that yoga is the best and easiest way for me to lose a few pounds, and it relaxes you.” She said with her usual amount of cheer.

At that very moment, a bead of sweat dropped on the floor from my forehead and my legs decided to start shaking like Jell-O.

Yeah, really relaxing.

“Do you remember everything I say?” I asked between clenched teeth. My legs were on fire.

“I try to. It makes my job easier.” She whispered back to me when the yogi gave us a dirty look for talking.

The yogi stepped in front of the class and called out the next position.

When I started to unwind my arms from between my legs and place both feet back on the floor one of the things that I’d feared since walking into the yoga studio happened.

I lost my balance and toppled over. Arms flailing, I slammed into Mona causing her fall onto Mandy. We crashed to the floor like dominos. The rest of the class spared us a short glance, then went back to their business, only a few small chuckles could be heard from them.

“Man, I missed it. Could you three do that again?”

I didn’t even bother to try and get up. I just laid there like a flounder out of water gasping for air. Whoever said yoga was easy was full of it.

As far as I was concerned, my yoga practice for the day was over.

About Anna Snow:

Not only is Anna Snow a wife, mom, and lipstick junkie, but she's also a multi-published USA Today bestselling author of several romance, mystery, erotica, fan-fiction, paranormal, chick-lit, and thriller works. Anna began writing as soon as she could hold a pen and hasn't stopped since. She loves life and can think of nothing she enjoys more than spending time with her family and friends. She loves reading, writing, kitties, spending time outdoors, and did I mention kitties? *Big grin*

Anna also loves to hear from her fans and answers all correspondence she receives.

Connect with Anna:





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