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Sara's Review: Roommate Romance by Maggie Riley


PUBLISHER: Maggie Riley Books

RELEASED: December 10, 2016

GENRE: new adult, romance, comedy

LENGTH: 222 pages

FORMAT: ebook, paperback







Falling in love is not on Allison Lawson's to do list. As a professional stage manager, she's got a plan for everything - and she doesn't like surprises. So when she shows up at the apartment she's subletting, the last thing she's expecting is a roommate. Especially a tall, hunky one. Shane Garrett is back in Brooklyn. After his parents died five years ago, he moved upstate to take care of his younger sister. But now she's off at college, and he's ready to return to the bachelor life he used to have: living on his own, a fridge full of beer, and a new girl every night. But that didn't include a surprise appearance of a sexy brunette in his shower. He hadn't even taken her out to dinner yet. Now Allie and Shane are sharing a one bedroom apartment - and bedroom eyes. Neither can deny the sparks that are flying between the two of them, but a relationship is not on Allie's agenda. Can Shane convince Allie that you can't plan for love?


This is super cute and starts off really funny. I would have given it 5 stars if the laugh out loud comedy had kept up throughout the entire story, but it didn’t. That’s ok because the cuteness and the charm never ceased. I could easily see this being made into one of those romantic comedies that everybody loves and flocks to at the show.

Allie is a super driven stage manager who has her life mapped out one list at a time. Living with a man is not on that list. Shane is a hunky carpenter who is looking to relive his bachelor days before the responsibility of taking care of his baby sister was thrust upon him. He wants the freedom to bring a woman to his place. You can imagine them both shocked when they discover that their mutual friend, sublet each of them the same apartment for the same period of time.

Their first meeting was priceless!

“I wasn’t sure what worse- that I was standing naked in front of a complete and utter stranger, or that I was wishing I had shaved my legs first.”

In the beginning of the book, there were a few times I laughed like a loon that was one of them. Allie was a character who was neurotic and endearing all in one package and it was hard pressed not to love her. The story is cute and charming and has some pretty steamy scenes with the two of them. I really enjoyed Roommate Romance and I am giving it 4 Boundless Stars.

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