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Stormi's Review: Sarah by Teri Polen


PUBLISHER: Black Rose Writing

RELEASED: December 7, 2016


LENGTH: 203 pages








Seventeen-year-old horror fan Cain Shannon thought helping a ghost find her killers would be the supernatural adventure of a lifetime. Now, he just hopes to survive long enough to protect his family and friends from her. A bet between friends goes horribly wrong, resulting in Sarah's death. When she returns to seek justice against those responsible, Cain agrees to help her. But when he discovers Sarah has been hijacking his body, he realizes she wants retribution instead of justice. Terrified of what could have happened when he wasn't in control, Cain commands Sarah to leave his house - but exorcising her isn't that easy. She retaliates against her murderers in bloody, horrific ways, each death making her stronger, then sets her sights on Cain. With the help of friends, Cain fights to save himself and his loved ones and searches for a way to stop Sarah before she kills again.


Cain is just a normal teen boy until he comes to realize that he is being haunted. He finds out from his mom that some unsavory things had happened in their new house while it was being built. Now his questions are being answered when the ghost of Sarah Butler begins to show herself to him in different ways. She turns from a ghost needing help to one that is out for revenge. She becomes dangerous. Now it is up to Cain to save his family, friends, and himself.

This book was really really good. It was very spooky and kept me on the edge of my seat. I am all for a good ghost story and this one was a great one. The story was very detailed and was so real that I felt like I was watching it play out on a big screen. Honestly, this book would make a great horror movie. The characters and story line were so detailed and intriguing that I hated to put this book down. Sarah is a ghost that not only haunts you but can scare you. This was definitely the best ghost story I have read in a long time. I loved Cain and Finn and the great brotherly type friendship they share. Finn made this book funny at times. He was a great character. Now the ending was a big shocker! It was one I did not see coming, but left this reader on the edge of my seat and hiding under my covers :)

This was the first book I have ever read by this author, but I promise it will not be the last!

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