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Beth's Review: Poet to the Poor by John Kaniecki

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Dreaming Big Publications

Released: October 6, 2015

Genre: Literature & Fiction, Poetry

Length: 282 pages

Format: ebook, paperback, audiobook

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Poet to the Poor is a collection of poetry written for the bottom one percent. This work draws from historical figures and everyday people from John's life, creating a powerful poetic testimony. In revolutionary fashion John defies both the politics of the day and the modern style of poetry. The poems are written in a wide variety of styles, and rhyming is prominent. Passion and purpose abounds in these words. With over forty of the poems previously published, this work constitutes John's best, including the award winning poem "Tea with Joe Hill". If you want something to inspire you to change the world, this book is a must. Take a journey into the lives of the bottom one percent. The poor.

Two Boundless Stars

This book of poetry will definitely appeal to a certain type of reader. The poetry offers emotional insights, and advocates for the poor, but from only one perspective. I love poetry that inspires a deeper level of thinking for readers, not one that tells the reader how to think; which is what I felt Poet to the Poor did.

Kaniecki is obviously a talented writer and a great advocate. I am a firm believer in respecting the beliefs of others without judgement; and expect the same from others. I respect Kaniecki for his talent and I view everything in this world with an open mind. Overall, I liked the writing, but feel it was too political and could have been better. This is a 2 star rating from Boundless Book Reviews.

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