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Beth's Review: The Haunting by Nicole Garcia


PUBLISHER: Nicole Garcia

RELEASED: October 30th 2014

GENRE: New Adult, Romance Suspense

LENGTH: 131 pages

FORMAT: ebook, paperback, audible







Ever wonder how much your life would change if you won a million dollars? Well, that fantasy is about to become reality for one lucky winner of the new reality game show, The Haunting. Six people will enter the contest, but not everyone will win. In fact, there can only be one winner. A drug dealer, an exotic dancer, a drug addict, an entrepreneur, a district attorney, and a rich kid, are all desperate in some way. Whether they need the money, or are looking for something different and need a break from their boring everyday life. It may seem that these contestants have nothing in common, but that's not the case. They have one very important thing in common, their desperation to win the prize . But, winning the money is going to be anything but easy. Not only will they have to spend a full twenty-four hours together in a haunted mansion, but they will have to overcome their weaknesses and make alliances with their competitors just to survive.

The many people who have visited Waverly Mansion have gone missing and never returned home to their loved ones. Are these contestants so desperate that they would risk their lives just to win money? A million dollars can mean the difference between life and death to some people, but there are many questions you need to ask yourself. Is the money worth the torment and anguish you will have to endure in order to win? What about your life? Is dying the price you are willing to pay in order to win that amount of money? Can these people survive long enough to claim their prize? Or will their desperation take hold of them and sabotage the other's chances at winning the game? Who deserves to win the money when no one is really the person they appear to be?


Who will stay in a haunted mansion for a million bucks? There aren’t too many people that will say no to that! There are not many things a person wouldn’t do for that kind of cash; but would they kill for it?... What a great idea for a game show. With such a variety of characters AKA contestants, it’s hard to tell who will walk away with their life and the cash. I thought I had it figured out several times throughout the story, but then a twist would change everything. Only to lead to a surprising ending no one could see coming.

Overall, a great story, unique characters and adventurous twist after twist to keep readers at the edge of their seat. Garcia has given readers another smooth and quick read; an easy 5 Boundless stars book for me.


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