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Lissa's Review: The One That Got Away (Friendship, Texas #4) by Magan Vernon


PUBLISHER: self-published

RELEASED: April 24th 2017

GENRE: New Adult, contemporary Romance

LENGTH: 175 pages








A brand new standalone from Friendship, Texas featuring everyone's favorite awkward baker and the one that got away. I looked up and standing there was my ex-boyfriend, Jordan Webber. Maybe ex-boyfriend wasn't the right word. Maybe the boy who I dated for almost two years. Then he graduated early, leaving for art school in New York. He wanted me to come with him, but what future did I have in New York? My parents weren’t paying for me to go to school unless it was a state school with a real degree and all I ever wanted was to do photography. So the portrait studio worked for the time being until I realized I really needed to get out of the house and took the part-time job at the bakery. Between my parents’ divorce, work, and trying to get over my break up, I was basically a hot mess the first two years after high school. Joey came in at the right time as a distraction then the job at the bakery. But I still never forgot about the one that got away. I hadn't seen Jordan in over four years and there he was, standing there with a hand on one of the boxes and his blue eyes wide open like he'd just seen a ghost.


The One That Got Away is a sweet and steamy second chance romance.

Four years ago, Abbey and Jordan were high school sweethearts. Till Jordan left Abbey behind for New York City. Abbey has really only, loved Jordan. No one could compare to him and no one ever would.

But sometimes second chances happen. I loved both characters and I understood Abbey’s reluctance to follow Jordan. Because who really knows what’s going to happen. But it’s the fear that has kept here there.

There’s one thing I can always count on with Magan’s stories. It doesn’t take me long to finish, that’s how much I enjoy her writing. For me, I can tell within the first page if I’m going to love it. I’ve highly enjoyed this series, since the beginning and I can’t wait for more.

Overall, I give this Four Boundless Stars

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