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Book Blitz: Shearwater by D.S. Murphy

Shearwater by D.S. Murphy Genre: YA Paranormal Romance/Mermaids Release Date: January 26th 2017

Summary: They found the dead girl on my birthday. And I’m not entirely sure that her killer isn’t the boy I just tried to kiss. The longer I spend in Ireland, the deeper my life seems to unravel. Whisperings of a dark secret that caused my mother to flee from her homeland. Run-ins with a pair of undeniably handsome and strangely mysterious guys. A sleep-walking adventure that nearly got me killed. The nearness of the moon and the ocean would be almost romantic, if I wasn’t being hunted for powers I didn’t know I possessed. Not everything in mythology is just a story. Not every fairy-tale is harmless. Magic is very, very real… but so are the monsters from your worst nightmares. Now I’m being chased by immortals, hunted by wizards, and forced to pick sides in a supernatural war I want no part of. I might be the only one who can stop it.

But it will mean giving up the one thing my heart can’t bear to lose.

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Shearwater is on sale for only $0.99! Buy a copy HERE!

About the Author

I wrote my MA thesis on Harry Potter and am working on my PhD in literature, while secretly writing YA fantasy novels and designing book covers. I blog about self-publishing, book design and book marketing, and am renting a castle for Nanowrimo 2016. I hope you like my writing!

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You can enter to win a paperback copy of Shearwater HERE!

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