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Sara's Review: Make Me Yours (Isle of the Forgotten #3) by Tiffany Roberts


PUBLISHER: self-published

RELEASED: April 13, 2017

GENRE: Paranormal fantasy

FORMAT: ebook







AN ANGEL HAUNTED BY THE PAST… After battling the forces of shadow for millennia, Gaelin struggles to hold the fragile threads of his mind together. His only salvation from the encroaching darkness is in finding his mate. But when the other half of his soul is presented to him, she is not what he expected. A WOMAN HE’S WAITED A LIFETIME FOR… Banished to a magical island prison with her twin brother, Mayra finds herself free of their dark master for the first time in centuries. But, with each day on the island a battle for survival, she must face difficult choices — especially when she finds herself powerfully drawn to Gaelin, despite his loathing for what she is. AN ISLAND MADE PRISON FOR THE UNFORGIVEN… With her magic sealed and her master coming to retrieve her, Mayra will do anything to keep herself and her brother from enslavement. Gaelin’s offer of aid and protection gives her some hope — but is she willing to pay his price?


I voluntarily received an ARC of Make Me Yours in exchange for an honest review.

In book 3 of the Isle of the Forgotten, we pick up with Gaelin who we met in book 2. He has been freed of his mark but he is waiting on the island for his fated mate. The one who will bring him sanity.

Mayra is a Demon who is in the service of the evil Necromancer who we learned about in book 2.5. She and her twin brother were captured and sent to the prison Island. Even though she is imprisoned, in constant danger from other prisons and the island itself it is still a welcome relief from the horrors of her Master the Necromancer.

I loved this tale, Mayra story was heartbreaking and I couldn’t help but love her. Even though she was a demon I didn’t feel that she was evil. She was broken and used. Gaelin was what she needed to heal to find freedom and light. To finally find peace. This story brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion.

With the evil necromancer, out to reclaim Mayra and only so many places on the island to hide, Mayra predicament was ticking time bomb. Make Me Yours, is full of passion, romance, heartache, love, betrayal, and suspense. I loved every page.

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