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Sara's Review: Lynchpin (The Rylee Adamson Epilogues #4) by Shannon Mayer


Publisher: Hijinks Ink Publishing

Published: 4/04/17

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Length: 138 Pages

Format: ebook, paperback

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From HiJinks Ink Publishing & Shannon Mayer comes the final epilogue to the USA Today Bestselling RYLEE ADAMSON NOVELS. With over 1.4 million books sold, Shannon Mayer proves once again she can dominate her genre right out of the gate. My name is Alex, and I am a werewolf. As a boy, I was trapped halfway between human and wolf. Rylee rescued me and I became the first outcast to join her pack. In the Battle Against Orion, I sacrificed my life for hers and became the pillar which holds the Veil separating the human world and the supernatural world, closed. I kept the demons from spilling into the human world and left Rylee and our pack behind to live on. But something is calling me back to the land of the living and the journey to get there terrifies me. I must pass through the darkest levels of the Veil to prove my worth, and will come face to face with my past and all of those I've lost along the way. My deepest fear is that I'm not strong enough and I will prove unworthy. If I don't at least try though, I'll remain forever with the dead and separated from my pack. Eternity is a long time, but this decision and journey may very well tear me apart before I reach either destination. May the gods have mercy on my soul. Be sure to grab the first three epilogues-FULL LENGTH NOVELS RYLEE (Rylee Adamson Epilogues Book 1) LIAM (Rylee Adamson Epilogues Book 2) PAMELA (Rylee Adamson Epilogues Book 3)

Three Boundless Stars

I loved Alex throughout the Rylee books and his sacrifice during the battle with Orion was heartbreaking. However, through the entire Rylee Adamson series, he was Rylee’s sidekick, her comic relief, her faithful and lovable companion. He was also that character who you couldn’t help but love but he always felt like a secondary character to me never a main character. I am obviously wrong on that, but it’s how I feel. Much like R2D2, Star Wars wouldn’t be the same without him. Would I want to watch an entire movie about him, not so much. Alex getting his own book, not just a novella, left me a bit disappointed. I wanted the kickass chicks, Liam, something. Don’t get me wrong the story was loaded with action like all of Shannon’s stories. It just didn’t have a character who I was expecting. Or maybe in my mind I already mourned Alex and it is hard for me to wrap it around the “new” Alex. IDK. I felt the desperation to get home and the struggle Alex was going through with questioning if he was doing the right thing. Lynchpin is the perfect tie-in to the final Elemental book Destroyer and explains a lot of what is going on, or at least I think it does. Once again these two series are so closely tied you almost have to read them together. I would love Shannon to come out with a timeline of the two series reading order. Overall Lynchpin is getting Three Boundless Stars, it was fast paced action packed read that leaves things open for future stories that I can’t wait to read.

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