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Sara's Review: Death Before Dawn (Guardian's Diary #2) by Amelia Hutchins


PUBLISHER: self-published

RELEASED: February 21, 2017

GENRE: Paranormal romance

LENGTH: 368 pages

FORMAT: ebook







Hello Diary, Not sure when I will have a chance to write again, so I’ll have to make this fast. The search for my brother has been a long one and what I have seen along the way makes me question everything I was taught to believe about people and reinforces what my father said might happen if an apocalyptic event were to occur. Jaeden and I have not had the easiest of times around each other, and I feel as If something is wrong. Way wrong. He and the other vampires are acting strange, and the wolves are only a little better. I have a Sentinel following us, and I’m not sure if I can get him to train me, or if he is here to kill me. I’m traveling further away from everything I know, and there is no one I can trust. I’ll give more details shortly, gotta go…. ~ Emma *Reader Advisory* This is a paranormal urban fantasy with strong themes of violence and sexual situations that are only suitable for readers over the age of 18. If you do not like dark romance, this is not the book for you.


If you want a nice easy read with vampires and werewolves, where everyone gets that illustrious HEA at the end of the story, so far this isn’t the series or the book for you. Be prepared to dive into the utter horror and despair that a post-apocalyptic world can truly become. The horrors that humanity is capable of inflicting on each other and the evil that can be brought forth is unfathomable.

“…when the government fell, the worst of humanity had crawled out from the shadows and taken over.”

I was blown away by Hutchins’s truly original story. What I honestly thought was going to turn out to be a vampire series has turned into so much more. She has surprised me at every turn, some good some devastating. She has gutted a flayed me a few times and I feel raw and bleeding, yet I am ready for more. I want more of this utterly original and unique post-apocalyptic world.

Emma’s story has progressed so much as she has had to survive. She has been betrayed, loved and learned who and what she really is. In book two her life changes, even more, everything changes, devastation, more betrayal, love, loss, yet she fights.

“This new world wanted us dead, and to survive we’d have to be as cold and dark as the world around us was.”

I loved Death Before Dawn and can’t wait for the next story. This is getting no less than Five Boundless Stars from me

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