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Lissa's Review: The Other Queen (The Inheritance Series #2) by Rebecca Jaycox

Publisher via netgalley

PUBLISHER: Aelurus Publishing

RELEASED: April 1st 2017

GENRE: ya, paranormal, fantasy

LENGTH: 298 pages

FORMAT: ebook







One world. Two girls. An evil determined to destroy them both. Reggie has escaped the dark mage, Andrius, and finally made it to her guardian, Rhys. But if she thought things would be easier, fate has other plans. Her father's situation is more dire than she first thought, and she learns her mother and best friend are being held hostage by Andrius. Her dreams are being haunted by the Black Queen, a bizarre, terrified girl begging for Reggie to save her. With her loved ones' lives hanging in the balance, Reggie and her friends race to devise a plan to defeat Andrius. And the Black Queen could provide the key to breaking the dark mage's hold on the Other.


The Other Queen still has as much magic and danger as the first in the series.

Reggie is still in the other, with all her friends. Brywn (who I adore) and John well he’s kinda stuck with one the evilest people in the Other. It had been over two years since I had read the first, so it took a bit for me to get into this one. I wish there would have been more of a recap since it was so long. But otherwise, I highly enjoyed this.

The Other Queen, was well written and really takes you on this adventure. There is enough magic and danger throughout to keep you wanting to know what happens next. The ending left on a Cliffhanger, gah! So I’ll have to wait to see the fate of Reggie.

Overall, this is a great edition to this series. I’m glad I was able to jump back into this world. This is a 4.5 (FIVE) Boundless Stars.

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