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Book Blitz: More (You & Me #2) by Lisa Shelby

Series: You & Me Book 2

Genre: Adult Contemporary

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Mickey Jacobs and Alexandra Stotts have known each other since they were kids. Outwardly, living childhoods full of joy and laughter but privately both experiencing their own kinds of pain and disappointment.

Alex had always been taught what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. The outside world saw her life as idyllic and picture perfect. But of course, things are never what they seem.

After watching his philandering father tear his family apart and break his mother’s heart time and time again, Mick vowed to never cause another person that kind of pain. Keep it simple. No relationships.

But then there was the sweet, exotically beautiful Alex. There was always Alex. With her…things were never simple. She was forbidden fruit. His sister’s friend. Off limits.

Alex was head-over-heels for Mick the moment her twelve-year old eyes landed on him. She knew at this young age that they could never be. Even if he wasn’t her best friend’s brother, he was still Mickey freaking Jacobs. Now, all grown up, Mick is gorgeous, the life of the party and an eternal bachelor. He’ll never be able to give Alex what she needs, and she’s not sure she could risk the pain that giving Mickey Jacobs her heart would surely inflict.

Can Mick and Alex find a way to heal themselves by loving each other?

Can he give her MORE?

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