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Sara's Review: A Falling Knife (Hollow City #2) by Andrew Case


PUBLISHER: Brilliance Audio

NARRATOR: Michael Bakkensen

RELEASED: February 14, 2017


LENGTH: 8 hours and 20 minutes








Something’s rotten in the borough of Brooklyn. And it’s not just the wave of glossy condos pushing longtime residents out of their neighborhoods. A construction worker has plunged to his death, and suspicion has fallen on a fellow hard hat for turning a crane into a killing machine. When the suspect does a disappearing act, a pair of unlikely partners reunite to chase him down. Leonard Mitchell once investigated dirty cops, and Detective Ralph Mulino was his target. Mulino was cleared. But Leonard ran afoul of the system and ended up pushing paper for the Parks Department. Now Mulino drafts him to infiltrate a real estate mogul’s operation and expose a financial scam that may be behind the murder. But when the suspected killer gets tossed from a tenement roof, it seems the price of probing the housing market might just be too high.


I was provided an MP3 CD of A Falling Knife, to give honest feedback on the narrator. First I had to sit in front of my computer for at least an hour trying to figure out how to get the CD to my iPhone. I now realize how my Mother felt trying to program the VCR. I was lost. I normally just purchase audio book files and don’t have an issue. Other than my car I don’t think I own an actual CD player anymore. How technology has changed. I digress. So once the whole, how do I get this to that was figured out and I felt incredibly OLD, I started listening to the story.

A Falling Knife opens up with a crane accident. Case does a wonderful job vividly describing the construction site, work, and the petrifying fall. I think had I been reading the story my heart would have been racing. Listening left me feeling indifferent. Bakkensen didn’t bring forth the emotion or inflection needed for such an intense scene. It was done in such a droll manner that it didn’t do the book justice. Personally, I liked Bakkensen overall I just felt that he lacked in emontional delivery not only in the beginning of the story but at many other points. However, I had no issue getting lost in the story listening to him.

I really enjoyed the duo of Mitchell and Mulino again and the story was well throughout and truly entertaining. Had I read the book instead of listened to it I think my heart would have raced and I wouldn’t have been able to put it down. I never felt the thrills, the danger or the excitement with the audiobook. However overall it was still pretty darn good, I am giving it 4 Boundless Stars.

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